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  1. Sonya Kedikova

    The Begining

    Art has always been a part of Sonia's life, but her path of development began with a small family business "Steffi Tapestries" - an exchange for the sale of a wide variety of tapestries. The tapestries that they develop and offer with their team are based on paintings by Bulgarian artists, and the materials used are of high quality and with attention to every detail.

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  2. Framing


    For any tapestry made, framing is extremely important because it gives it a beautiful finish. Thus, with the acquisition of experience, Sonia decided to take an important step in her development and began to offer framing to her customers, giving the tapestries individuality and uniqueness, adding her own touch and finishing with passepartout.

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  3. Sonya Art

    Over the years

    Over the years, the Gobleni Stefi brand has become an established leader in the sale and production of tapestries, but this does not stop the artist Sonia Kedikova from developing and experimenting in new endeavors. She was engaged in hand-crafting various souvenirs with embroidery, jewelry, cards, decoupage, as well as souvenirs from felt, leather and textiles.

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  4. Creativity


    Over the years, Sonia painted pictures with different techniques - watercolor, acrylic, oil paints, as well as mixed media. She puts her heart and soul into her work, which everyone who touches her art understands from the first glance.

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  5. Photography


    Looking for a way to express his flair for artistry, beauty and individuality, together with his family he began his development in the field of amateur photography. Captivated by the beauty of the world around us, Sonia captures many beautiful landscapes in different seasons of the year.

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  6. Cartoons


    In 2022, it continues its development with the production of hand-drawn and digital cartoons to order. To live up to the trust of everyone who has trusted her talent, Sonia crafts and frames each of her caricatures with love and attention to detail.

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  7. Renovated Studio

    Renovated studio

    This year Sonia is focusing on renovating her studio, where she dreams of gathering all her art and her daily work and offering coziness and tranquility to everyone who visits....

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Exhibition Gobleni Stefi Sonya Kedikova


Gobleni Stefi - 21.03.2015


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