Meeting of the Tarnov tapestries

On July 13, we held the first meeting of the Tarnovo tapestries in my art studio. The purpose of our meeting was to exchange experience, knowledge and meet people who share the passion for tapestries and it is their hobby.

The next meeting we are planning is on 28.09.2024 /Saturday/ in the studio.

Detailed information about upcoming meetings can be found here.

Workshop - Hand embroidery on textiles

On June 29, 2024, a Workshop for hand embroidery on textiles was held. Each visitor had the opportunity to create an embroidery, of their choice, on a cotton T-shirt with my help.

You can follow more information about new groups on my Facebook page.

Official opening of "Sonya Art" studio

Official opening of the renovated studio "Sonia Art" on 14.06 at 6 p.m. At the opening, a small part of my creations will be shown, which are made, framed, completely shaped or painted tapestries, as well as original paintings.

We will be glad to have you as my guests.

address: 27 Bulgaria Blvd., 5006 Veliko Tarnovo

The "Holiday" tapestry won first prize
The "Holiday" tapestry, made by Mariana Zhekova from Sliven, was awarded first place in the recently concluded national tapestry competition on the theme "Women's World" - Category Portraits, which is traditionally held every year at the initiative of the forum
Exhibition "Let's preserve Bulgarian art"
Embroidery is like an obsession, and once you commit to this hobby, there's no way you won't become addicted to it. Those in the craft share that the philosophy of embroidery lies in patience and persistence. And in spare time, of course. But on the other hand, tapestry is one of the few effective drugs to deal with stress, helping to put aside everyday problems with ease. Tapestry artists from all over the country and Bulgarian women living abroad embarked on this creative adventure of transforming paintings by Bulgarian authors according to new developments. In the beginning it was very difficult, but with the professionalism of these women, we all managed together and gradually started to recreate pieces of Bulgarian artistic creativity in tapestry art, which is known around the world as the "Royal Hobby". "Gobleni Stefi" is the trademark of the company "Fanagoria 2009" OOD, V. Tarnovo. It was established in 2011, starting to develop its own tapestries in 2013 based on paintings by famous Bulgarian artists. It employs mostly young people - two computer specialists and three designers. She has an online store and her own studio in Veliko Tarnovo. "Gobleni Steffi" bets on Bulgarian artists with the idea of preserving our national identity through this type of art. The vision for our future development does not exclude the development of foreign authors from the Victorian era, the Renaissance, surrealism and the modernist "Fantasy" style. In 2013, Steffi tapestries held an exhibition entitled "Historical Monuments and Culture of Bulgaria" for the first time, which attracted huge interest and visitors from all over the country. The transformation of famous works of art into tapestries was the idea of Stefka Zlatkova, owner of Gobleni Stefi, who shared that the implementation of the large-scale idea was motivated by the desire to preserve Bulgarian creativity and art in an unconventional way. With this exhibition, we want to continue the initiative and turn it into an annual tradition. Today we would like to express our immense gratitude to all the artists who have given their permission to develop their tapestry paintings, allowing us to create a small part of the beauty they create and come out of their hands. With gratitude for believing in us, we would like to thank the artists: Victoria Stoyanova, Maria Ilieva, Yana Ilieva, Sasho Filev, Stefan Dimitrov, Velina Daskalova, Reni Karailieva, Dobriela Koeva, Julian Krastev, Milcho Tomov, Mila Vasileva, Evgeni Stoyanov, Elena Velichkova, Venetka Peinekova, Ognyan Kuzmanov, Yovka Mechkarova, Rumyana Andonova, Milcho Penev, Sonia Kedikova, Veneta Docheva, Pierino Hristov, Evgeni Chalakov, Tsvetelina Tsoneva, Simona Kostadinova and photographers Dr. Ognyan Nikitov and Silvia Boerekova. Creators and tapestries who also believed in us, followed us and gave yourselves in the name of beauty and art, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you for the tireless work, dedication and creative inspiration with which you turn paintings into tapestries. And here is the place to thank the designers of the company: Katya Grozeva, Galya Angelova and Sonya Kedikova. Let's also thank our youngest tapestries, who are only 17 and 20 years old - Nadezhda Zlatkova and Steliyana Stefanova, as Steliyana has the most tapestries presented at the exhibition - 8 in number. This fact makes us happy and gives us the hope that tapestry art in Bulgaria has its followers and perpetuators of the idea among the younger generation as well. We also thank our sponsors: Construction investment company "Artur2007" - OOD Nessebar with manager Plamen Dimov. Construction investment company Prime Developments Co. EAD, Sofia, with manager Desislava Atanasova. We wish all the tapestries involved in this hobby a lot of creative success, we also thank all of you who respected the exhibition and we invite you to enjoy the wonderful exhibition, and then we ask you to fill in the impression book and we will be happy of your frank opinion.
Upcoming exhibition "Let's preserve Bulgarian art"
People's Library P.R. Slaveykov Veliko Tarnovo and Gobleni Steffi organize an EXHIBITION - TAPESTRY based on paintings by Bulgarian artists "LET'S PRESERVE BULGARIAN ART" The exhibition is displayed in the lobby of the library - str. Ivanka Boteva 2 from December 8 to December 23, 2014
Gobleni Steffi organizes a national exhibition
94 tapestries are included in a national exhibition organized by Gobleni Stefi, which will be opened on March 22 in Veliko Tarnovo. They are arranged in the "Rafael Mihailov" Exhibition Halls, and the official opening will be at 11:00 a.m. on the festive day for the old capital. Organizers and sponsors of the exhibition are Stefka Zlatkova and Sonia Kedikova, in their capacity as managers of "Gobleni Stefi". The idea for the exhibition arose six months ago on Facebook, where a game was organized for the most beautiful tapestry in different categories. The exhibition presents works in four sections. The tapestries are from all over the country and have embroidered on their canvases churches, monasteries and cultural monuments, landscapes, historical figures and even reproductions of paintings by famous artists, among them Mrkvichka and Vladimir Dimitrov - the Master. The participants are 39 women from all over the country, there are also several Veliko Tarnov women - Sonya Kedikova, Tsvetomilka Vasileva, Ivanka Hristova and Elka Maslyankova from Samovodene. Specially for participation in the exhibition, tapestries from Spain and Austria, made by Bulgarian women who live there, were also sent, Kidikova specified. All works will be reviewed and evaluated by a 9-member jury chaired by Prof. Hristo Tsatsinov, scheduler from VTU. In each category, three subject prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place. Those attending the opening of the exhibition will also be able to determine their favorite by filling in survey cards. All the participants will be awarded diplomas, Sonja Kedikova also said.
Tapestry-Culinary Competition

Tapestry Steffi is happy to announce to her friends that the e-book from the Tapestry - Culinary contest is now a reality. In it you can find over 150 tested recipes for pasta and confectionery! We express our gratitude to all participants who shared their recipes and contributed to the realization of this project. Tapestry Steffi wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!